Web Site Creation and Management

We are trying to create easy-to-read web pages and transmit the page owner's honesty to readers.

In addition to creating and editing web sites, we perform daily updating and consultaions for the effect and management of web sites. Furthermore, as well as the making inquiry forms, questionnaires, applications or orders, we make the customized processing program for the list of collected data from those data collection points. We also then execute the summary math, and generate the graph which are executed automatically according with requests of a customer.

1.  Work Category of Web Page Creating and Editing

  • New web page creation
  • Adding another web page based on your current pages
  • To your current pages, adding corresponding pages in another language

As a sample of web localization, the Japanese pages can be confirmed on this site. To use [TOP PAGE in JAPANESE] and [THIS PAGE in JAPANESE] buttons left in English pages, and [TOP PAGE in ENGLISH] and [THIS PAGE in ENGLISH] buttons left in Japanese pages, enables hopping as [English page] <--> [Japanese page].

  • Other services as needed

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2.  Update Operation for Web Site

Once a web site has been created, it is not finished even if the creation is finished. Daily update operation is necessary and important for increasing the numbers of interested visitors to the web site. We will perform the update operation for a person who must concentrate on his main duties.

  • Performance of update operation after receiving the update information by E-mail or facsimile
  • Reasonable service price (by yearly contract)
  • Update operation for not only pages in Japanese, but also in English if you have, can be performed.

Estimation can be made from INQUIRIES page of this site, attaching information of target URL and update frequency and so forth.

3.  Consulting for web site

  • Consulting for increasing effectiveness of your web site
  • Consulting for management of your web site

For questions about products and services above, please contact from the INQUIRIES page.

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