Web Form Application

Web Form Page is an entrance of various information of visitors to your site.

(Examples of Web Form Pages)

Web forms are general tools that data of visitors' information can be submitted to a web server or an e-mail address by click of a submit button on it after visitors' information was input, and there are some typical kinds of forms below.

  • Inquiry Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Order Forms
  • Questionnaire Forms
  • Other Information Collection Forms

We can locate a function on a form to have easily a visitor input their information that you want, such as text box, checkbox (for multi-selection), radiobutton (for exclusive and only one selection), box that a list is displayed and you can choose one item, buttons for submission and reset. In addition, It is possible to display a confirmation page for the transmission or the page of the thanks message, and to submit a automatic e-mail also at the same time to a preset address or a new address input by the visitor.

(About Web Form Application)

We provide programs of automatic simple processings that are corresponding to your requests, so that the information transmitted from a browser on your display in various forms can practically be used. As examples, there are the following things, and we offer automatic and customized processings as we ask you for your specifications.

  • Information acquisition in E-mail and automatic simultaneous submission of the thanks e-mail
  • Automatic file save of acquired information to a designated server
  • Automatic processing to be listed of acquired information
  • Automatic processing to be counted and to be graphs of the acquired information

The data handling mentioned above has analysis of the business, timely guidance to a visitor, the publication of the newsletter, and so forth. About the automatic processing, please feel free to ask us for it.

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