We produce high quality localizations. For especially concerning to localization to languages other than Japanese, we have a policy of checking by native speakers. It is possible to edit the localized documents and complete them for web sites, presentations, or publications as required.

As a sample of web localization, the Japanese pages can be confirmed on this site. To use, click the [TOP PAGE in JAPANESE] and [THIS PAGE in JAPANESE] buttons on the left side of the English pages, and the [TOP PAGE in ENGLISH] and [THIS PAGE in ENGLISH] buttons on the left side of the Japanese pages. This enables hopping between [English page] <-> [Japanese page].

1.  Languages

In addition to localization of English <-> Japanese, we can also perform localizations related to European languages (French, Spanish, Italian, and German).

2.  Fields and kinds of documents

We localize a wide variety of documents and web pages.

  • User's manuals, service manuals, and other technical manuals
  • Documents related to science and technology (research papers, reports, etc.)
  • Documents related to business (agreements, pamphlets, documents for import/export, etc.)
  • Others

(Samples performed)

== Documents translated from English to Japanese ==

  • Electric vehicle capacitor test procedures manual (Electric vehicle parts related)
  • Paper on super capacitor for electric vehicles (Electric vehicle parts related)
  • Paper on ultra capacitors and batteries for hybrid vehicles (Electric vehicle parts related)
  • Agency agreement (Finance related)
  • Sales agreement (Trade related)
  • Non-disclosure agreement (Finance related)

== Documents translated from Japanese to English ==

  • Corporate information (Finance related)
  • Non-disclosure agreement (Finance related)
  • Questionnaires (Finance related)

== Documents checked from English to Japanese ==

  • Document on Li Battery for hybrid electric vehicles (Electric vehicle parts related)
  • Papers related of the ILAS-II Project (Science and Technology: Related O3 observation from satellite)

3.  Work operation and delivery style

We can deliver the products at any stage of each procedure below. The delivery file format is fundamentally the same as the original. If you want to receive it by another file format, please request the file format to us.

  • Translation of text only
  • Translation + DTP operation for web page (editing and checking)
  • Translation + DTP operation for printing (editing and checking)
    + printing + bookbinding

4.  Consistency of terms and style

If you provide us your glossary in electronic file, we will perform the check of the words and phrases of translated sentences. Concerning the style after localization, we maintain style consistency, but if you provide us a style guide, we will edit the style according to the guide and maintain the consistency as required.

5.  Confidentiality

Concerning confidentiality, with or without a confidentiality agreement between you and our company, because there are confidentiality agreements between translators and our company, Reali Corporation is fully responsible for the followings:

  • Maintain information about the contents of all documents to be performed in a confidential manner
  • Confidential handling of all documents to be performed
  • Articles of a confidentiality agreement with a client if needed

6.  Estimate and order

After confirming an original document, we will create the estimate and send the file to the client. After receiving the order sheet corresponding to it, we will start the work of localization.

Information of the general estimation and discount for the first time orders of new clients can be displayed in another window by clicking this "estimation".

For questions about products and services above, please contact from the INQUIRIES page.

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