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1.  Activities and Businesses

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2.  Events

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  • Konzart for the students
    of Gülckliche Musik

    Date & Time: May 12 / 2013 (Sun.) 14:00 Open
      =Children= 14:00-15:20
      =Adalts= 15:20-16:00
    Place: AKO Studio at Harajuku (map & contact)
    Contents: This is a concert of students of Gülckliche Musik and is added the special performances below.
      =Children= Full original music based on the students' ideas will be performed.
      =Adalts= Comunity chior class members who are once-per-month trainees by American singer Chis Levens, will try a very attractive song "Seasons of Love" from musical "Rent." Love it!

    * After the concert, it will continue to the party. Audiences can join us at ease.

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