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The products and services of Réali Corporation are divided into 6 categories below.
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Software Development, Sales and Services
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Web Site CreationPsychological Test Support Survices

Local Information BoardLocalization
Data Processing and Manual Procuction

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«What's New!»

  • "Reali Corporation" entered in the foundation 10th year in this month. We appreciate all of you who has cooperated us since the foundation. (5/27/2016)
  • For categories of "Products and Services", "Data Processing" and "Document Creation, Printing, and Bookbinding" ware merged to one calegory "Data Processing and Manual Production", and "Local Information Board Service" category was added. (6/12/2012)
  • A happy new year! (1/1/2012)
  • For a step to visit this site of Reali Corporation, the facebook page of Reali Corporation was released. With clicking facebook banner at the left side of this page, it can be confirmed. (2/25/2011)
  • In the category of "Web Site Creation," our capability of web form creation buisiness, especially customized programming of count and analysis process of data gathered from web form, was strengthened. (12/13/2009)
  • For the first time order of localization, a 10% discount for the total amount by applying a trial price was started to be performed. (6/12/2009)
  • [Inquiries] page was added. (4/16/2009)
  • The first Tool for Enhancing Efficiency, Normal Distribution Interval Probability was released for free. (2/23/2009)

«Update Information of this web site»

  • With the revision of "Products and Services" categories, merging and addition of pages were performed. (6/12/2012)
  • Some errors of links between Japanese and English pages were revised. (6/12/2012)
  • Menu buttons were divided to the category groups and the hierarchal menu was made a little depthless. So, access circumstances were improved. (5/21/2012)
  • A new page [CHORD TRANSPOSER] of software was added. (5/18/2012)
  • [Greetings] page was updated for new year message. (1/1/2012)
  • A banner to the face book of Reali Corporation was added at the left side of this page. (2/25/2011)
  • On the [Localization] page, a description of "Confidentiality" was added. (1/15/2010)
  • For addition of pages on 12/13/2009 informed below, the information of the added pages was added on [Site Map] page. (12/30/2009)
  • For strengthening of the buisiness category of "Web Site Creation," [Web Site Creation] page was edited, and the sub pages of [Creation Procedure] and [Web Form Application] were added. (12/13/2009)
  • Above menu buttons of each page in English to pages in Japanese, image of the Japanese flag was added. (7/29/2009)
  • [Estimate and order] section was added on the [Localization] page. (6/12/2009)
  • Download Buttons of tools for free were renewed in design. (6/5/2009)
  • Buttons above on this page for jumping to the category pages were renewed in design. (6/3/2009)
  • The Access Map was added and can be opened from the [Corporate Information] pege. (4/21/2009)
  • The order of the page menu buttons was changed.(2009/4/18)
  • [Inquiries] page was added. (4/16/2009)
  • [Tools for Enhancing Efficiency] page was added and can be linked from all the pages in English. (2/23/2009)

Copyright©2007 Reali Corporation All Rights Reserved.