About five years has passed since the foundation of "Réali Corporation," and we stepped into a new phase of our new business development. Especially the development and sales of computer software that contains several psychological test analysis support programs are planned as our main business projects. A separate testing service using the software is also conducted.
   As big disasters of Tohoku East-Japan earthquake, tunami and nuclear power plant accident occurred last year, I have been continuing how the supprt of the recovery and revival can be performed by our company and myself. I suppose a new software that will be released this year by our company will be helpful to continue the support even if it is not so much.
   Now we will drive forward the other business such as web creation and localization, and will make every effort to meet your expectations. Undoubtedly we'll need your advice even more! We at "Réali Corporation" hope to make significant contributions to your research and business.

Réali  Corporation
Representative Director
Masafumi Kimura

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